Fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete Mom cams chats

Self-compacting concrete as we all know is a concrete which exhibits good flow properties, good passing ability, and segregation resistance.

fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete-60

Fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete

The in-situ strengths of both types of civil engineering concrete, SCC and traditional vibrated concrete were closer to standard cube strengths than those of the housing mixes again; this is typical of higher strength concrete.

In vertical element, in-situ strengths of both SCC and traditional vibrated concrete are higher at the bottom than at the top, vibration of in-situ strengths, for both types of concrete is much lower in horizontal elements, in this case the beams.

The key to achieving a strong, durable concrete rests on the careful proportioning and mixing of the ingredients.

A concrete mixture that does not have enough paste to fill all the voids between the aggregates will be difficult to place and will produce rough, honeycombed surfaces and porous concrete.

The total volume of rubber chips are replaced in coarse aggregate i.e. To obtain fresh properties in SCRC the slump, T500, J-Ring, V-Funnel, L-Box and U-Box tests are conducted whereas for hardened properties the Compressive, Flexural and Split Tensile tests are conducted.

The grade of concrete used in the present study is M30, whereas for SCC, the mix design is carried out in trial basis.The present study has been done by adding steel fibers to concrete in a view of improving the mechanical properties of SCC so that it can be applied in beam column joints.An ideal mix proportion was arrived at, as a result of repeated trials and specimens that were cast and cured. Compressive strength of Self Compacting Concrete In all SCC mixes compressive strengths of standard cube specimens were comparable to those of traditional vibrated concrete made with similar water -cement ratios – if anything strengths were higher.In-situ strengths of SCC are similar to those of traditional vibrated concrete, indeed somewhat higher when limestone powder is used as filler, probably because of a densifying mechanism and the observed lower susceptibility to imperfect curing, both attribute to this type of filler.Now-a-days lot of waste material is generated owing to population growth and life style.

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