Foursquare for facebook not updating

If I set Four Square to only update Twitter, it works but I don't get the nice embedded map that Foursquare does when it updates directly.

If I have it only update Facebook, my tweets never show my Foursquare check-ins. Having every single Foursquare checkin post to twitter has become quite a faux pas, at least among my followers. took over as mayor) to be an automatic-unfollow catalyst. One option would be to use the Selective Twitter app for Facebook, which only uses tweets that include the "#fb" hashtag to update your facebook status.

To edit a place from the web, click on "Suggest an Edit" under the place name to bring out the following module: From here, you can submit changes to the place's address, website, category, hours, place details, and more!

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Tap, 'Suggest an Edit' and you'll see the same options as on the web.

To edit your listing info, get started by using Foursquare City Guide as your business, which will take you to your Manager Home page.

Venue Search The first thing you have to do before you can use any Foursquare venue data is to find the location in the first place.

Our venue search and explore endpoints do just that.

The region idea is a good point and I'll try that. I had an OTA firmware push for Lumia Denim and I got an error 8007000d every single time I would try to upgrade.

The download finished okay, but every time it failed after "preparing install".

This error code is not one of the published error codes for upgrades with known resolutions.

This leads me to having 2 updates on Facebook for each Foursquare check-in.

The Foursquare Venues Service makes it easy to build location information into applications without requiring a deeper Foursquare integration or even user authentication.

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