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This week Fiona Grew, head Fixer-Upper at Fictional Fix-Ups Dating Agency, introduced Scottish-born Minerva Mc Gonagall to Hercule Poirot on his first trip north of the border, suggesting they take a stroll in Holyrood Park to get to know one...This week Fiona Grew, head Fixer-Upper at Fictional Fix-Ups Dating Agency, introduced Doctor John Watson to Emma Woodhouse, sending them along to the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street to get to know one another. Tired and despondent of meddling in the love lives of others, head Fixer-Upper of Fictional Fix-Ups Dating Agency, Fiona Grew, lobbed her resignation notice at her boss’ head last week.

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Quick, name the three funniest comedy duos working today. And with their latest film, “Lost in Paris,” they are bound to finally register on America’s radar — because who wouldn’t want a picturesque trip to the French capital that delivers more laughs than a nitrous oxide leak near the hyena compound?

No, really: Dominique Abel is a Belgian-born, vaudeville-style human pretzel and gifted physical comic on par with Chaplin or Keaton, while real-life Australian wife Fiona Gordon is a Tilda Swinton-tall redhead with Olive Oyl elbows and an Easter Island profile.

MY wife and I have been separated amicably for five years and my divorce has just come through.

She's getting remarried and is encouraging me to do the same.

Elect Club Personal Introductions Agency are an established Top London Dating Agency with over 10 years in the Matchmaking Industry.

Elect Club are an Exclusive Personal Introductions Agency that has gone from strength to strength over time and is run by a team of top and award winning Dating Experts, Coaches and of course those all important Matchmakers.Many times, I felt as if he looked at me differently and because of the MS he no longer found me attractive.Rather than agreeing to me using a wheelchair for long trips, I was left sitting in the car while he did the shopping.I want to do something positive about this, but I'm not sure whether to join clubs and societies or join a dating agency.I'm 50, a non-smoker and have no dependents as my children are both grown up.Increase the odds of finding some one you really want to be with, be pro-active!

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