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It’s growth pattern is also unusual: as its branches grew longer, they drooped towards the ground and eventually took root and formed a circle of new trunks or daughter trees around the original tree.

There are now a total of 13 trunks and the colossal tree covers an area with a diameter of 55 metres!

The Wonderboom (translated “Tree of Wonder” or “Miracle tree”) is a unique 1000 year old fig tree found North of the Magaliesburg Mountains in Pretoria.

The tree, now a national monument, is unusually large, standing some 25 metres high and having a 5,5 metre diameter main trunk.

“An existing constraint at the intersection has been the location of the large fig tree on the south eastern corner.

“The tree is identified as an item of local heritage significance under Sutherland Shire LEP 2015.

The project would be carried out in conjunction with another controversial proposal nearby, in which angle parking next to Dunningham Park would be removed and compensated for by extending the car park near the surf club over a nature reserve.

A council report on the intersection of Kingsway and Wilbar Avenue said, “Opportunity exists for RMS to fund and develop options for traffic signals at this intersection, which will improve safety and regulate traffic so as to reduce delays for traffic exiting Cronulla.However, it may be useful for setting up molecular-only analyses (particularly automated variants), for learning Beast2 XML (since the BEASTmaste R XML output is annotated and much easier for human reading than the BEAUTi output), or for automating such analyses. And, feature additions can be suggested, and questions asked, and I will get to these when I can.BEASTmaste R also contains functions for parsing Beast2 output, e.g. All such matters are best posted to the BEASTmaste R Google Group. These develop inside and never see the light of day. It is a ‘false fruit’, actually part of the stem of the tree that becomes a fleshy bag for the flowers and seeds.Figs are often root hardy and prolific in cold winter zones if planted in a sheltered location. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone.

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