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), Coogan began acting when he was six, and is also known for his role in another childcare-themed comedy, ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead.’ Now: Coogan’s last film was the 2011 thriller ‘Cats Dancing on Jupiter.’ In addition to acting, the 42-year-old hosts ‘The Call Sheet,’ an entertainment industry-based podcast.

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The 34-year-old married her partner Lara Spotts in 2008 and the pair have twin boys.

Then: Coogan was Brad Anderson, the 15-year-old who has a crush on his little sister‘s babysitter in ‘Adventures in Babysitting.’ The grandson of actor Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester!

What kind of perspective did you have watching her perform at this point in her career?

Every year, cinema relies on a heavy dose of romance to get bums on seats.

She later starred on ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ as annoying sister Shelly Lewis.

Now: Brewton quit acting after ‘Parker Lewis.’ She graduated from Yale, got a law degree and is currently an attorney.

But a kiss can be deadly, unpleasant, wince-inducing or just plain wrong.

So in the spirit of love, harmony and stuff like that, here’s a look at ten movie lip-locks that you definitely won’t find in a Hugh Grant movie… Then, er, Sutherland turns towards Douglas, and moves in for a bit of tongue action. Just when he thinks he’s survived the affections of Greta, the first female Gremlin, the movie packs a sting, just for him.

Along the way, she snagged an Oscar nomination for her dark departure in "Leaving Las Vegas." Even after racking up a career of crowd-pleasing favorites, she has continued to take on a variety of roles, whether it's joining the cast of a long-running TV show like "CSI" or lampooning her own image in "Hamlet 2." Moviefone spoke with Shue -- who hails from Delaware -- about how different Hollywood is today for Lawrence than it was for her, and the surprising movies she's made that audiences still remember. Well, what attracted me to this one was that there was a character there to begin with.

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