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"And here we have a mask culture which predates pharaonic culture." [In Photos: Spider Rock Art Discovered in Egypt] The ancient find sits on Qubbet el-Hawa, the Hill of the Wind, near Aswan. onward, Morenz said, and it likely had nothing to do with the Neolithic use of the site; rather, this stretch of the Nile likely appealed to both Stone Age and later people because it is a relatively shallow stretch of rapids, called a cataract, with an island and easy pullouts for boaters.

In the pharaonic era, this was near the southern border of Egypt, and it was the site of a necropolis for the nobles of the ancient city of Elephantine, which was on the island of Elephantine in the Nile. "What I think is quite likely is that these rock images were placed on ancient pathways which have nothing to do with the later pharaonic necropolis, but where there was communicative access for whatever reason," Morenz said.

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This perhaps comes via meeting a lot of men so I am able to weed out the good catches from the not-so-good.

Although I hate to generalize, there are some negative personality traits that I have observed too often from a lot of Egyptian men which can be red flags.

Certainly Egyptians seem to have taken mates in what most often appears to be lifelong monogamous relationships.

After the Third Intermediate period we begin to find ancient "marriage contracts" that incorporate the phrase shep en shemet (price for "marrying" a woman) and mostly set out property rights without elaborating on the act of marriage itself.

A 6,000-year-old rock carving depicts a hunter alongside an ostrich and a person wearing an ostrich mask.

These Neolithic carvings were found alongside a necropolis dating back to Egypt's pharaonic era.

Before King Tut, Hatshepsut or Ramesses I — in fact, before there were any pharaohs at all — someone pecked an image of a hunter and a dancer wearing an ostrich mask into a rock on a hill along the Nile River.

The image, discovered recently by archaeologists, provides a tantalizing glimpse of Egypt's Neolithic period, or Stone Age.

The Egyptian Staff of Osiris, dating back to approximately 1224 BC, depicts two intertwining serpents rising up to meet at a pinecone.

Modern scholars and philosophers have noted the staff’s symbolic parallels to the Indian “Kundalini,” a spiritual energy in the body depicted as coiled serpents rising up from the base of the spine to the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) in the moment of enlightenment.

Control freak tendencies even if minor, quick personality shifts or changes which can include revenge, quick to anger, inability to admit errors or wrongdoing, and poor active listening skills thus a tendency to interrupt too quickly.

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