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Not every actor has the intellectual capacity for the spy thrillers and not every actor can articulate its moral complexity so well. Bourne characters operate in 50 shades of grey." If you look at the other movies that Tony Gilroy has made – Duplicity and Michael Clayton – as well as all the Bourne films he has written, I think it's clear that the villain in all his films is the corporate world.There is this cabbalistic relationship between the government and its contractors, whether they are in the defence industry or in pharmaceuticals."And there are no heroes in this movie.

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Somervell was suffering badly from a severe high-altitude cough and sore throat.

At about midday, unable to continue, he had to give up.

He reunited with Wes Anderson to play the nemesis Henckels in the highly stylised drama Both Keaton and Norton seemed to be playing versions of themselves in Birdman, or at the least the media perception of them.

Like his character, Norton has a reputation for being a great actor who can sometimes be difficult to manage.

" He thinks there is a practical necessity to his actions which fulfill a nobler ambition."A politician, in other words.

It's quickly apparent why The Bourne Legacy writer and director Tony Gilroy wanted Norton for the part.A few years ago Edward Norton was sitting on a stoop in New York listening to Bruce Springsteen.Actually listening to Bruce Springsteen: the singer was sitting on the step next to Norton giving the actor some relationship advice. He’s a very self-analytical and self-demanding person who wants to be a real human being and work on what it means to be a human being and what it means to be a husband and father.”The advice Springsteen offered seems straightforward.It was then that the Boston-born actor, who grew up in Columbia, Maryland, an area founded by his grandfather James Rouse, moved to New York, where he still calls home.On screen, the past year has seen two excellent turns.He famously fought with director Tony Kaye over the cut of in this context and Norton lets out a small laugh before explaining: “Yeah, I think that, one of the things for lots of people is that it can be transitory, or at least it evolves.

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