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I just looked at their website because I had never heard of this. Then again, they would probably rather keep the cure a secret because they would make much more money on suppressant medication.

Also, they specifically make sure to mention that they do not claim this product to be a "cure". And if there was, I am sure Big Pharma would have been marketing it and exploiting it long ago.

Linda has an e Harmony profile but the idea of meeting any matches fills her with anxiety. “I feel like nobody would love me if they knew.” Now when she meets someone she’s interested in, she avoids pursuing a relationship because, she says, “I’m too afraid to tell him I have herpes; I feel like he’ll never want to see me or talk to me again.” It’s a never-ending cycle of denial, desperation and guilt: “I’m a terrible person, and I’m starting to think that I don’t even deserve to be with anybody after what I’ve done,” she told me..

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TMZ’s week was sure made by news that an A-list celebrity was being sued for spreading herpes.

An anonymous woman filed a $20 million lawsuit against the unnamed star, claiming that he knowingly exposed her to the virus, which she was diagnosed with after their fling.

If you’ve been a user of online dating sites, Hope is certainly a breath of fresh air. Once you get onto this site, you'd certainly feel the difference.

The process of signing up, for instance, is way too smooth compared to other sites.

Once you're done with this step, you'd be able to create a detailed profile and add a few pictures.

Hope also allows users to maintain a photo album and control its access.

The drag and drop approach to profile building makes things very simple.

Prospective users can register with this site using an email ID, username and then choose the desired password.

Hope claims to be a revolutionary supportive dating platform for people with STDs and has a unique feel to it.

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