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It’s been 27 years since I’ve had it, and I seem to think about it, a lot.

Eventually, and not to spoil things, he friends her on Facebook, invites her over to his house, and gives her wine–Sauvignon Blanc, her favorite. It’s just an all-around disturbingly conceived, acted, and presented concept video by Infinity AR, but objectively–if you could sidestep the chilling privacy concerns–you could classify it as good design.

Each interaction was seamless and automatic, and they enabled the wearer’s end goal, to romance a hot bartender. And the core experience of Facebook stalking is borderline universal (just admit it).

Four pregnancies and four babies; so much fitness to achieve in so little time.

Here’s the awkward part of my fantasy life: it suffers from arrested development.

Media Services, in which we co-authored a White Paper about strategies and work flow implementation for creating the highest quality video experiences, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

For more thoughts and highlights from last weeks events we will be posting more takeaways in the upcoming days.

It’s neat stuff for sure, but as this concept demo from Israeli software developer Infinity AR shows us (completely unintentionally): automatically digging up too much information about someone else can be downright creepy.

Flip ahead to , and you’ll watch as a hypothetical Glass wearer meets a pretty bartender.

After the frenzy of our first touch, we would grab and tear at each other’s clothes and I would be conquered.

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