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First and foremost, most antique phonograph collectors are primarily interested in the machines and recordings made between 18.Most of us involved in the antique phonograph hobby don't collect, or have much knowledge, about phonographs or records made during the 1940's and beyond.

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The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American record company and phonograph manufacturer headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. Johnson, who had previously made gramophones to play Emile Berliner's disc records.

After a series of legal wranglings between Berliner, Johnson and their former business partners, the two joined to form the Consolidated Talking Machine Co.

The 45s are cross-referenced to their 78 equivalent when known.

If there is a date in parentheses that is the release date of the 78 the 45 is a reissue of.

Plants are organized first by major labels, then alphabetically.

If they were an independent plant, smaller label/group or a label with only one known plant, they will be listed by name after the major label's plants.

To ensure the success of the 45s RCA Victor reissued thousands of the 78 rpm records from RCA Victors's vast catalog as 45s.

Over half the numbers in the "47" prefix were issued in the first three years of the introduction of the 45 and it would take almost seventeen years for RCA Victor to use up the rest of the numbers available.

Even if you aren't that intersted in collecting phonographs, and simply want to unload an old Victrola that you found in Uncle Fred's basement, this page will get you started, and will help you understand the basics (and limitations) of this website, and about antique phonographs in general. To someone who is 20 years old and finds an old radio/phonograph/TV console (like the one on the right) in their parents' basement, they may find the words "RCA Victor" or "Victrola" inscribed on it.

They then assume that they have a rare antique phonograph that has a lot of collector value.

The London branch was managed by an American, William Barry Owen.

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