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The chairs hang fixed to a metal haul rope running between a series of black towers.Atop each tower sit the crossarms that support a train of grooved discs—or sheave wheels—that rumble whenever a chair hanger rolls over them.-------------------------------------------------------------------- IRA HENRY FREEMAN, a former reporter for The Times, is a freelance writer.

There he worked as a producer, reporter and morning anchor.

He also was the primary fill-in anchor for all evening newscasts.

Yates had tuned his race skis, honing them with four different stones until they were as sharp as samurai swords. Thunderstruck rises 1,000 vertical feet to the 4,268-foot summit of Herz Mountain, named after the family of Timberline owner Fred Herz.

It’s an old three-seater that was installed in 1985 by Borvig, a New York–based company that went out of business eight years later.

Faulkner has received numerous Associated Press awards during his time as a television journalist dating back to 2003.

Faulkner came to WPSD Local 6 from the NBC affiliate in Clarksburg, West Virginia, WBOY-TV.

That day, as Yates approached Tower 12, he gazed in disbelief as the crossarm tipped away from him in slow motion.

The haul rope slipped free from the wheels, and his chair plummeted toward the ground 30 feet below.

In his 1790 forge the blacksmith hammers out iron trivets, candlesticks and cupboard latches.

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