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The nation's taste in ornamental trees has changed fairly dramatically since the first street plantings were made in Williamsburg, Virginia, in the 1730s.

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Wesley Greene is garden historian for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

This article is adapted from one that originally appeared as "Black Locust: an All American Tree" in The Interpreter.

But here on this sturdier surface is a preservation of ideas.

Slate tablets were used aboard ships to temporarily record the daily wind conditions and the ship’s speed and direction.

Today, it is nearly impossible to even find a paper mulberry for sale at a nursery.

The tulip poplars () that were found by the homes of many of the 18th-century Virginia gentry have been returned to the forests from which they came, seldom planted in residential landscapes, and the Lombardy poplars planted by Thomas Jefferson along Washington D.

Cedar Grove Cemetery S Henry Street All of the 129 Red Cedars in Cedar Grove Cemetery have been designated as Heritage Trees due to their cultural significance.

Nominated by Heritage Tree Committee Designated 6.10.10 Governor’s Palace Green Palace & Spottswood Streets Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Historic Area The Catalpas along the Palace Green are Williamsburg's first street tree planting.

Greene contributed this article to Live Science's .

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