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“It’s really in something like that where you get to see what a person is made of,” she said.

As the company said in a blog post: “Imagine a world where you can order pizza, pay for a pair of shoes, hire a cab, or refill your subway pass — all in a few button taps on Telegram.” With Bot Payments, users will be directed to input their card and shipping details, then confirm the payment, all from within a chat feed with the bot.

They can also save their payment details for future use, and Telegram said Bot Payments also supports Apple Pay.

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Premium editions are published to provide additional information and value to our readers.Messenger app Telegram has just updated to enable payments via chatbots, and to let users send short video messages to one other.Telegram first introduced chatbots two years ago, and with the latest version 4.0, developers will now be able to add a “pay” button to their messages, which when tapped will let users pay for products without leaving Telegram.Tool announced new West Coast dates last week, with Southern California conspicuously absent. For some constructor or method parameter, there are date int type, for example: Short Message update Short Message#d3f45784 id:int from_id:int message:string pts:int date:int seq:int = Updates; There is date:int, a ten digit integer, the value for example: 1468782578 for today (Sunday July 17 2016), How to convert Telegram Api Core date:int type into Java Date? The new feature gives people a quick and easy way to pay for things like food, taxis or other services offered by bots – say a matchmaking service – all from within the Telegram app.

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