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Den mler ca 71 x 50 cm og vejer ca 33 kg selv om den er hul inden i.

Dekorationen er i lette, klare farver i modstning til den tradtionelle sung glasur og der er hvad man m forvente af udekorerede omrder og krakkeleringer, samt et mindre afslag.

Blue and white pottery in all of these traditions continues to be produced, most of it copying earlier styles.

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Royal Doulton got its start in 1815 as Doulton Pottery, an industrial stoneware company in Lambeth, England, that made ale and porter bottles, covered jars, and garden vases, as well as outdoor statues and fountains.

When John Doulton partnered with John Watts in 1820 and changed the name to Doulton & Watts, the company added utilitarian housewares and alcohol flasks, as well as busts and heads of popular characters, whistles with dog heads, and banks shaped like houses.

Man kan tydeligt se de karateristiske faunetrk: hove, hale og sm horn.

Skulpturen er mrket med den Kongelige Porcelnsfabriks tre blgelinier, KK signaturen og 1931.

Another designer, John Broad, modeled salt-glaze stoneware and terracotta figurines of royalty, military men, and classical-style maidens.

In the early 1900s, he produced figurines honoring current events such as the Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, and Admiral Horatio Nelson’s centennial.

Later, in China, a style of decoration based on sinuous plant forms spreading across the object was perfected and most commonly used.

It was widely exported, and inspired imitative wares in Islamic ceramics and later European tin-glazed earthenware such as Delftware and after the techniques were discovered in the 18th century, European porcelain.

The founder’s son, Henry Doulton, who joined the company in 1835, brought in a young artist named George Tinworth, whom he charged with establishing an art pottery studio at the Lambeth factory in 1867.

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