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Young and old alike are bombarded with images of immodesty and immorality.

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With consumer demand for natural, simple ingredients on the rise, many food manufacturers are working to earn their trust by ensuring the ingredients they source meet these requirements.

But with tightening supplies and rising prices of garlic oil, the chance for sources to be adulterated with synthetic materials increases.

KalsecĀ® has devised a unique, dual-testing process, using both internal and external analysis to assure pure garlic oil supply.

By using a gas chromatography method that measures the amount and type of volatile compounds present in garlic oil, analysts can see a typical 100% natural garlic oil profile.

Numerous studies chronicle this pervasive culture of sexuality and the damaging effects of premarital sexual activity among teenagers and young adults.

One study found that among 15-year-olds 13% of girls and 21% of boys have engaged in sexual intercourse (Abma, Martinez, Mosher, & Dawson, 2004).

Her husband, Dennis, whom she married in 1972, is the President and CEO of Family Life, a ministry of Cru.

Together they have six children, plus five grafted in by marriage, and 22 grandchildren.

When Cindy met Rob, she knew that even though he attended church, he didn't share her convictions about premarital sex.

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