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So, they take solace by drinking more and more wine with each weirdo they encounter.

One guy announces right away that he doesn't want to date and is only doing this because his mother says she'll throw this middle-aged man out of her basement if he doesn't go!

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Meet your event marketing match with the Speed Dating Logo Poster!

The blue-on-blue heart-shaped pattern of this design’s background emphasizes its charm as well as delivers your event’s who, what, when and where with flair.

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The poster we are looking for should be bit more classy, shows there's dining involved, romance, dating, and should have enough space for us type in description, date/time, price location etc., so you can provide the design in JPG or PNG format, and we will add in the texts ourselves.

We need this in A3 size when it goes to print, so reasonably large image file, we already have a poster designed for Speed Dating, I've attached it just for reference only, this Poster design should be slightly different as it's for older group, and with dinner involved.

It begins with Brooke and Traci attending a speed dating session with extremely low expectations.

However, the characters that show up are even worse than the women could have imagined.

Another actually BRINGS his mother with him to let her pick out a bride!

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