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Below the post, one friend wrote 'love this pic, so natural' which prompted Miss Ferguson to ask if the picture could ever be deemed 'inappropriate'.When her friend said 'of course not', Miss Ferguson said: 'Thank you for that, I don't think it's seductive or inappropriate either.'I've always stuck to a rule on FB and Insta that if my Grandad, bless his heart, would look at any of my pictures in disgust, then I would never post them.'She later added: 'I'm not worried about my pictures, but it seems some people are!

Before construction began, every area was subject to detailed archaeological investigation: doing so has exposed a rich history of human settlement since Neolithic times and has provided a unique insight into the history of a large sample of the landscape of north Buckinghamshire.

The Corporation's strongly modernist designs featured regularly in the magazines Architectural Design and the Architects' Journal.

After senior staff at the school discovered the picture of Miss Ferguson, who is in her 30s, they called a meeting with her in the school office.

Pupils at Ousedale School in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes, Bucks., said they overheard the senior staff members accuse her of being 'sultry' and 'provocative' in the image.

Despite the fact that safety regulations have undoubtedly complicated the lives of designers, they’ve still managed to create cars handsome enough to break into not just the full list of 100 cars, but right into the holy of holies: the top 20.

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Evidence for the earliest habitation was found at Blue Bridge – production of flint tools from the Middle Stone Age.

The area that was to become Milton Keynes was relatively rich: the Milton Keynes Hoard is possibly the largest (by weight, 2.2 kilograms or 4.9 pounds) hoard of Bronze Age jewellery ever found in Britain.

Top to bottom, left to right: The Xscape and Theatre seen from Campbell Park, former railway works and new housing in Wolverton, Milton Keynes Central railway station, the Central Milton Keynes skyline, The Church of Christ the Cornerstone and Bletchley's high street "Queensway" (34 sq mi) area incorporated the existing towns of Bletchley, Wolverton, and Stony Stratford, along with another fifteen villages and farmland in between.

It took its name from the existing village of Milton Keynes, a few miles east of the planned centre.

The New Town (informally and in planning documents, "New City") was to be the biggest yet, with a target population of 250,000, that it would be self-sustaining and eventually become a major regional centre in its own right.

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