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However in this case there seems to have been little effort made to disguise the fact and I’ve often wondered how the couple got away with such blatant law breaking.

The Catholic Church, or the Church of Christ, always teaches us by the Spirit of the Word of God.

Now, the Church has ever taught, does and will to the end teach from Scripture, that "a man may not marry his deceased wife's sister," or, which is the same thing, "a woman may not marry her sister's husband." The Church consists of two great parts—the Eastern and the Western.

Both weddings took place at King Cross Wesleyan Chapel in the District of Halifax, Yorkshire.

The marriages were not performed by the same minister but both certificates include the name of Walter Common, Registrar.

The Eastern part always did declare marriage with a deceased wife's sister" illegal, i.e.

contrary to the law of God, as laid down by Him in His written Word.

In the meantime, the family and friends of my dear wife had stepped into the breach, helping out in all sorts of ways. With all the practicality of offering to do a load of laundry or cook up a casserole, a couple of women from that group offered independently to see to my needs.

One was a school friend of my wife, the other my former sister-in-law.

Prohibition of marriage between certain degrees of kindred outlawed what is known as incest; prohibition between degrees of relationship by marriage (affinity) as opposed to blood (consanguinity) seems to have reflected an analogous taboo.

At least one novel, Felicia Skene's The Inheritance of Evil (1849), addressed the topic in polemic fictional form.

In the great mass of writings which we have of the Fathers of any note in the Church, there is no sanction given to such marriages; but, on the contrary, when the Fathers have occasion to mention anything about such a union, they distinctly say that it is their custom, and that of the Church, not to consider such marriages as legal by the Word of God. Basil in the fourth century says, "Our custom has the force of law, because it has been handed down to us, i.e.

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