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Switches accomplished by technology, exempting gadgets advanced sufficiently to appear as magic, are the fare of mad scientists.

Body-swapping devices are usually characterized by a highly experimental status, straps, helmets with many complicated cables that run to a central system and a tendency to direly malfunction before their effects can be reversed.

It was certainly a change in pace for Kim, who has had no shortage of fun in her bikini these last few days.

But it should come as no surprise to fans that the star has still made exercise a priority.

Gone are the days of Céline teddy coats and chic co-ords and instead Kim has embraced an athleisure look of late.

A couple of years ago gym gear would have been strictly off the cards for Kim, but nowadays it's her go-to casual wear of choice.

The switches typically reverse after the subjects have expanded their world views, gained a new appreciation for each other's troubles by literally "walking in another's shoes" and/or caused sufficient amounts of farce.

Notable examples include the books Vice Versa (1882) and as well as the film versions of both.

But Kim Kardashian made time for a workout on Wednesday, as the star was spotted on a beach walk in Mexico with her gal pal Larsa Pippen.

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