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The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has its origins in a 1919 donation of 50 paintings to the Commonwealth of Virginia by Judge and prominent Virginian John Barton Payne.

Payne, in collaboration with Virginia Governor John Garland Pollard and the Federal Works Projects Administration, secured federal funding to augment state funding for the museum in 1932.

It is usual for there to be six carved woodblocks for the creation of a single colour print.

Woodblock artists paint the entire picture then break it down into pieces which utilise up to a maximum of three colours for each woodblock to be carved.

It was also during his time as director that the museum's first addition was built in 1954 by Merrill C. The wing, funded in part by Paul Mellon, included a theater, with the intent of combining the performing arts and visual arts in a single facility.

The Leslie Cheek Theater, the 500-seat proscenium theater constructed in 1955 within VMFA, known originally as the Virginia Museum Theater, has seen several transitions in its 60-year history.

The term ukiyo-e () translates as "picture[s] of the floating world".

Edo (modern Tokyo) became the seat of government for the military dictatorship in the early 17th century.

Artists whose works were published by Doi were among others Hasui, Koitsu and the French artist Nouet.

After Teiichi's death in 1945 his son Eiichi (1917-96) took over the family business, which is still nowadays run by Eiichi's widow and their daughter from their business near Tokyo.

The merchant class at the bottom of the social order benefited most from the city's rapid economic growth.

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