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The frequency (and modes) of communication is perhaps one of the most difficult concepts for me to reach a reasonable conclusion on as it pertains to the beginning stage of dating. Should the guy initiate or should the woman initiate more often?

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This was extremely difficult as she was/is very clingy, and I’d often get texts and emails from her asking me to explain ONE MORE TIME why I needed space, but I forced myself not to respond and after a while it stopped After 4 months of no contact, I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to catch up.

She said she had moved on, dated other people, understood why I needed space, etc.

The Rise of Texting For many people, texting is a major source of relationship communication.

People age 17 to 25 tend to text their romantic interests more than older individuals do (Coyne, Stockdale, Busby, Iverson, & Grant, 2011).

After breaking up we tried to stay friends but we were using each other as emotional crutches.

So I told her I didn’t want to hear from her any more, that I needed space.

The first few dates can be great but if you put it on hold for too long till the next, you start to forget how great the last date was. Of course these matters are subjective and so we’ve asked our guy panel. However, I feel if something is amazing, a lack of momentum is never an issue. The early stages are so critical and it doesn’t seem to take much to lose traction.

Because you’re not at the stage of being an integrated part of each other’s lives, you can easily slip back in to that mode of not being with each other again.

All this means you’re time poor and less available to date. The mutual attraction is there with a hint of chemistry.

They hit it off and intend to see each other again…only Cara is overseas for 4 weeks – work trip.

In the good old days, dating was defined by a series of face-to-face encounters.

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