Dating a drug addict boyfriend amplifiers dating vox amps

thinking I could help one day my love will be enough, but it won't, I can tell *An addict I'm not...I see the pain in his heart and the fear that grips his soul as he grabs for his pipe, and smokes one more bowl *An addict I'm not...

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Sadly, many times we don't find out until a tragedy, such as a drunk driving accident or an overdose, has occurred.

And then we're left wondering why we didn't spot the signs of addiction earlier.

if only he could just see what I see in him and know he could someday be *An addict I'm not...

so I watch from afar as he destroys himself a little more each day- Dear God, please help him each night I'll continue to pray!

I've never taken any kind of drug before, and was kind of naive on the subject, so I just accepted that he had a rough past, but was willing to overlook it.

He was in most ways my ideal kind of guy, and thought that drugs wouldn't be an issue in our relationship.

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so he pushes me away hoping I won't see it and lead him astray *An addict I'm not...

I am not thinking wishful thoughts of how I can get him back nor would I want to be in your shoes ever again.

I am not a vengeful ex girlfriend or do I wish to be.

He treated me right, better than any guy I've ever dated. A few weeks into our dating, he revealed his past to me.

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