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Her black-purple tights were thin and looked like they were painted on her.

The sunlight reflected off the sheen of sweat on her golden skin.

On her left shoulder blade, there was a small tattoo of a Boston Marathon unicorn's head with "BQ " just below it.

But if you happen to be on that path already, you'll have no shortage of athletes trying to get your digits.

Hoping to meet someone special for a hot, sexual relationship or even just a quick fling?

We’re quick to recognize talent and intellect, desire and dedication, and the bonus of tenacious confidence. They vary by degrees within every individual, every business or organization, but we are fairly sure of the recipe, hopefully all topped off with a measure of good fortune. Commitment is first a moment that confirms an ‘all in’ proposition to a purpose. a firm and lasting resolve founded on personal or shared values that are steadfast, beyond reproach including circumstances that may defy hope and expectation. It will find ways to disrupt dedication and desire.

Commitment is the keystone of endurance and conviction. It is a firm resolve to purpose and the foundation for every choice that fulfills your goals.

It probably has something to do with the inexplicable popularity of soul-sucking reality shows like .

Not that the women on those shows are anything I'd want to aspire to, but I suppose the heart wants what the heart wants.

Finding ‘Strength in Commitment’ sounds like a healthy, indisputable proposition.

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