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The whole event, which apparently was followed by a quiet meal and an early night, was carried out amid the sort of secrecy of which 007 himself would no doubt have been proud.

But it has not exactly gone down well with friends of 43-year-old Craig back home.

She wondered if she'd ever meet anyone worthwhile, had a few boyfriends who didn't make the cut, but eventually ended up marrying James Bond (otherwise known as Daniel Craig)."I was often single and feeling alone in my twenties," said Weisz.

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Could that be why Miss Weisz was so eager to become Mrs Craig?

While some of her circle in LA were letting it be known this week that the Japanese-American Miss Mitchell had stoically moved on, her father Christopher confessed to the Mail this week that her emotions remain very much on the raw side.

The cine hunk has secretly tied the knot with Rachel Weisz - a top-flight actress with a Cambridge degree and an Oscar to her name.

CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY Robin Baun of Slate PR, which represents the actor, said the pair had got married, but did not offer any details.

Officially the couple had only been dating six months but, Craig, 43, and Weisz, 41, are old friends - part of the north London set that includes directors Roger Michell and Sam Mendes, writer Patrick Marber and actors Jude Law and Ralph and Joseph Fiennes. Weisz grew up in Hampstead, her father, a medical inventor, comes from a Jewish Hungarian family; her mother, a psychotherapist, is Catholic Viennese. Craig is a working-class Liverpool boy - son of a merchant seaman turned pub landlord - who left school at 16. The first time I met Craig was in 2003, during filming for Michell's Enduring Love at the London Review Bookshop.

Every time shooting stopped, Craig piled books behind the till - novels, poetry, philosophy, a biography of Bob Dylan - to purchase at the end of the day.

The actress says that she feels happier now than ever."When I was younger, I worried about so many things and it was hard for me to feel happy or understand what made me happy," she said.

Instead, the James Bond star and his Oscar-winning lover chose a simple service at the home of mutual friends in the seclusion of upstate New York, watched only by four witnesses, including their children from previous relationships.

Members of the crew were already whispering that 41-year-old Miss Weisz, the star of the blockbuster movie franchise The Mummy, had fallen ‘head-over-heels’ for her rugged-looking screen love interest.

His ancestry includes English, as well as Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and distant French Huguenot.

The British couple, who play husband and wife in upcoming movie , have been quietly dating since December in real life.

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