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Topics include the social construction of gender, the gender division of labor, production and reproduction, intersections of gender, race, class and ethnicity, and the varieties of sexual experience.

This course is the required introduction to the Women's Studies major and minor, and has no prerequisites.

Is there not a tacit air of aristocracy or bourgeoisie to the concert-going community?

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Individual and family financial strategies with emphasis on financial planning, savings, investments, insurance, income taxes, housing, and use of credit.

Planning, analyzing, and controlling financial resources to resolve personal/family financial problems and to attain financial security.

Online lessons will include video clips and interactive class activities.

Students will learn the basics to build a strong financial future.

When the dust settled, 46 states and the District of Columbia had signed on.

Now, it seems, state after state is calling into question its earlier commitment, either by formally calling for a review of the standards, such as in Missouri, North Carolina, and now Tennessee, or reversing their adoption altogether (in Indiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina).

This decision appears to represent a big shift for Haslam, who last spring spoke before a packed ballroom at the Education Writers Association’s National Seminar with a message of staying the course on the standards for English/language arts and mathematics in the face of political resistance.

The action once again raises questions about the future of the Common Core.

Women's Studies 210: Women & Hollywood Class #45620 Davis-Kram Women's Studies 390.3W: Tutorial Class #45624 Warren Permission of the director of Women's Studies and the director of Interdisciplinary and Special Studies.

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