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Starting with your first drive, create a new folder and name it “Hide from SSL”. Locate your music files and folders and drop them all into the “Hide from SSL” folder 4.

In the example below, I copied all my music files and folders into a new folder called “Consolidated Music Library” 7.

Neither of these situations are at all uncommon, and fortunately it’s really not all that difficult to relocate your i Tunes library to another hard drive or move it to a whole new computer once you understand the basics of how i Tunes manages your media content and the options available to you.

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Apps and media you purchase, along with any files imported to i Tunes and all your interactions are kept in a special folder on your computer.

To locate the i Tunes folder on your Mac, choose Go → Home → Music → i Tunes in the Finder menu.

It makes no sense to consider a debt consolidation loan if you will be continuing to incur monthly balances on your credit cards.

In that case, all you are doing by consolidating your debts is shifting debt instead of paying down debt.

Before we delve into the steps of actually moving your media content, it’s important to explain in some detail exactly how i Tunes handles the management of your media files under the hood, what your options are for relocating these files, and the various pitfalls that you might encounter in this process.

The first and most important point is that i Tunes is designed to handle all of the details of the underlying file system for you.

In general, a debt consolidation loan can be defined as a loan that combines multiple debt obligations into one single loan.

These loans tend to have lower interest rates than many of the existing debts, and also allow the borrower to make only one payment per month instead of many.

After your music files and folders from each drive are copied over to your “mega drive”, open Scratch Live and click the Rescan ID3 tags button found within the Files panel (see below picture).

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