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Through various circumstances, these girls soon become friends, connected by the compensated dating lifestyle that will also threaten to tear them apart.

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Others also unknowingly had their interactions filmed, which the “client” would then threaten to post on their Facebook page or even print photos and put them up around their school, Lee said.

“Teenagers nowadays report their whereabouts and daily routines on the internet, making them very easy to trace,” Lee said.

The girls involved aren’t inherent criminals, but we can’t simply label their behavior as “shameless.” They are using their own specific methods to pursue what in their minds is “happiness.” Perhaps the value of whatever it is they are striving for is greater than the price that they pay. A crisis has emerged in the youth’s concept of happiness.

The object of their struggle is distorted, and it isn’t only happening with these girls who have today been discovered to be acting as escorts for prostitution.

Men seeking compensated dating - a disguised form of prostitution - are being taken for thousands of dollars in a new fraud scam, police say.

Victims are persuaded to pay up first, then their dates fail to appear or they are extorted via threats their demand for sexual services will be disclosed to their families, police say.

Compensated dating tactics change Cases are also grossly under-reported, as teenagers often do not seek help unless they can no longer control the situation, as when a “client” starts blackmailing them with secretly taken naked photos or videos for more favours.

Chief Inspector Frances Lee King-hei from the police family conflict and sexual violence policy unit said teenagers often saw compensated dating as a business and had no moral objections to such transactions.

The men were asked to meet their dates on the streets before going to love hotels for sex, but their dates did not show up.

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