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Planning dates seems easy for those with steady paying jobs, but today’s college students need more frugal ways to treat their significant other without going further into debt.Put away your wallet and put your heart on your sleeve; it’s time to date on a budget.Go to Find Local to find a bar or pub hosting trivia near you. “I was so used to the usual coffee date that I took him up on it right away — and we had a blast! Seeing a local comedy show is the perfect opportunity to see just how compatible you and your date are — and it’s a great way to break the ice!

His interests include higher education, poetry, writing, and student leadership development. I’ve always had this idyllic image of winter break: wearing fleece pajamas and slippers, drinking hot chocolate, and reading a novel by a warm fireplace.

Unfortunately, I spent the last 11 years of my life in Florida, so that was never what my winter breaks looked like. The position of bartender is an iconic role in American folklore.

You’ve scored a cute boy who wants to go on amazing dates with you. Your options are limited because you both live on campus and neither of you have cars, limiting you from some other dates.

The typical “dining hall date night” works for a while, but you can only be so romantic when you’re surrounded by the table of loud frat boys to your left and loud, giggly girls to your right.

Robbie is a Graduate Student at The University of Akron where he studies Higher Education Administration.

He went to Oakland University where he studied English and Creative Writing during his undergrad.Follow this guide to enjoy some fun and free on-campus dates with your guy! Take a coffee break A basic coffee date at the café on campus is a great way to spend some time together during the day, especially when you both have a busy class schedule.Make a point to meet up with your guy whenever you both have a break.Transport yourselves back to those elementary school field trips by checking out the sea life at your local aquarium.“My current girlfriend suggested we go to the Boston aquarium the first time I asked her out,” says Mike O’Donnell from Emerson College. Instead of staring at each other from across a table, why not take off some pressure by focusing on a palette?While the old dinner-and-a-movie routine does allow a good opportunity for conversation, here are a few first date ideas you might not have tried yet that are more fun (and will probably take some pressure off of both of you! “The first time I hung out with my boyfriend, he took me to check out this trail about 45 minutes from campus,” says Kristie Smith, a senior at Boston College. Forget the movies — getting dressed up and seeing a play, concert or dance performance is a much classier upgrade.

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