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My mother always encouraged my creativity and imagination.I think that's where I get a lot of my creative inspiration today. For me it's more about the team behind the camera: the director, other models, photographer, and any one else on set.C- I grew up in Southern Louisiana on a farm, in a very small town. My mom raised me pretty much on her own until I was 10 when she met my step dad (my biological father has always been more of a friend and wasn’t around a lot when I was growing up). B- I went into real estate while I was still in college and that became my career, I wasn’t involved with school activities much, as I had come out at an early age (18) and my social interests were more aligned to going to pool parties in Beverly Hills than frat parties haha There has always been a stigma attached to models so it is great to see two models that are obviously intelligent.

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I wonder how many of our readers followed the 2012 American Presidential Campaign and watched a video with 5 male models in and around a pool singing about Mitt Romney’s policies?

The video, ‘Disclosure’ which was a parody of a One Direction hit was a huge hit worldwide.

He has so much going on, I had to ask him, "15 Questions." 1. When you're living in the country, your imagination is your best friend.

You learn to keep yourself entertained with nothing more than dirt and sticks.

Earlier this month, we got a look at a hot and sexy video documenting Colby Melvin’s date with Brandon Robert Brown. Now Colby and Brandon are back for more in Colby Melvin Date Night Part 2.

The two Andrew Christian models rekindle their love for the second part to the series.Could you both tell me what your biggest ambitions were as children? I realized it wasn’t the career for me and ended up going into business. I was also one of those over involved students haha.I wanted to grow up to be a super hero lol Brandon- I wanted to be a pilot like my dad. I would guess Superman lol Nope, just my own super hero. Could you both tell me a little about your lives growing up? I was student body president, fraternity life, etc.Talking about the past relationships of Colby Brock, it is believed that there is no any information about the past love affairs of Colby Brock in which he was actively involved.Thus, the social media personality, Colby Brock is currently not dating anyone and is making love with his professional as well at the present time.His social media reach is well over a half a million and his fan base could not be more loyal.

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