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So That Is Why Many People Think She Looks Chinese/Japanese Etc.

Alot Of Indios (Indigenous People Of The Americas; North America, South America, Central America etc) Have Those Kinda East Asian Eyes, So The Only Reason Why She Have The East Asian Eyes Is Because Native American Come From The Same “Great” Race As Other East Asian!

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She received high praises from the judges on several strong performances and won one challenge.

Chrystina has stated that she did not think she would make it into the group before Robin Antin made the surprising reveal that Girlicious would have 4 members.

Because it did not sound like “normal” acoustic drums, many established musicians questioned its utility and many ultimately disregarded it.

However, its “cheap” circuit-produced sounds became bargain-bin treasures for emerging artists.

In 2011, it was announced that she was a part of the new line-up of the Pussycat Dolls.

Chrystina had a relationship with model/dancer Joe Slaughter, whom she met on the show.Chrystina was adopted by ex-NFL player Ron Sayers (who is of African American descent) and a Japanese mother, Nancy. Chrystina describes herself as more of a tomboy as child, but is still one at heart.Chrystina was featured on the CW reality show, "Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious." She was known during the show for having trouble memorizing her lyrics and letting her nerves get the best of her quite often which landed her 4 times in the bottom two.She is of Jamaican, Native American, African-American, and Irish descent. Sayers was adopted by ex-NFL player Ron Sayers, who is of African-American descent, and by his Japanese wife.Photo by Prphotos And how does she know she’s all theses ethnicities? Sounds like she’s more confused or lying because her adopted mom is Japanese and her adopted Dad is black. Native Americans and Native Canadians are the most documented people in North America, period.Originally the group was to be a trio, but was conceived as a quartet through a final decision of creator Robin Antin on the show's season finale.

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