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Stause is best known for her portrayal of Amanda Dillon in the ABC soap opera All My Children, a role she began on May 4, 2005 when the character returned to Pine Valley after a five-year absence.The role of Amanda was previously portrayed by Alexis Manta.

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I was thinking, 'This is the age when I should probably start having kids so this is what I should do...' But after I did it (proposed), I immediately felt in my heart it wasn't right. '" Morrison later ended the engagement and admits it was an awful experience, but he learned a lot.

He adds, "We talked and decided to break off the engagement... It turned out to be one of the biggest growing experiences I've had as a man.

I feel like I can handle this stuff because I don’t really care.'I’ve never gotten into tabloids and I don’t really care about it now, but I just feel bad for other people in my life who are getting dragged into it.

It just kinda sucks.'Morrison, who previously starred in soap operas As The World Turns, has found new success after taking on the role of Schuester in Glee.

I'd made this massive decision; I'd promised this girl a life together and I couldn't follow through.

It was awful - all I could do was hold up my hands and be like, 'I'm the a**hole'." The star goes on to insist calling off the wedding was the right thing to do: "For a lot of people, the mistake they make is going through with a marriage when it doesn't feel right in your gut... But Morrison says Stause never actually gave the interview, and never accused him of having an affair with Michele.He added: 'I have a great relationship with [my ex].In April 2013, it was announced that Stause had connected the cast of NBC soap Days of Our Lives.Her character, Jordan, first appeared in Salem on August 15, 2013.On October 24, 2014, it was said that Stause would be goodbye the series in 2015.

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