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This menu book contains much information that could be of use to local historians regarding the social, political and commercial matters of the Island’s economy.

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The precise date of the founding of this hotel is not known but it was probably in 1842.

The Royal is arguably the longest established hotel on the Island of Jersey. Elias Bree, who had previously kept a hotel in La rue de Derriere (King Street).

The research station facilities can accommodate up to 36 individuals and provide physical and logistical support for a variety of activities.

Santa Rosa Island is one of the five islands comprising Channel Islands National Park.

Burrowed in the stream bank, the "exceptionally well-preserved fossil" with tusks is a rare find, especially because it would indicate the mammoth roamed the islands at nearly the same time as humans.

"I have seen a lot of mammoth skulls and this is one of the best preserved I have ever seen," paleontologist Justin Wilkins said in a statement.

The broadcaster has already confirmed that the series will return in 2018.

location and impressive physical structure have helped it to remain one of the most successful hotels in Jersey.

Contestants include Mancunian Elle, who’s stuck with her boyfriend Andy for four years despite him cheating on her 30 times, Ring Girl Holly and her boyfriend Karl, who had three-month affair while the couple were going through a rough patch, and stripper Nikita, whose profession provokes jealousy in her partner Che.

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