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Before you can begin or continue dating, you have to work on yourself.

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Divorce has always been controversial, a hard topic for Christians to wrestle with and work through together. Navigating Friendships after Divorce While the purpose of this guide is for Christians who are going through divorce, we wanted to include helpful resources for those interested in exploring what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage.

Because of this, many avoid discussing the topic altogether. · also has a helpful resource page on the topic · For more practical articles, see Crosswalk’s Divorce and Remarriage channel SEE ALSO: 6 Pieces of Advice I Wish I'd Believed When I Was Single Further sources and resources on grounds for divorce: It can be hard to know where to begin after divorce. Avoid making any other major life decisions until you’re able to process your divorce. Find your people –- join support groups, ministries and find wise counselors to walk with you as you heal from this loss.

So here are a few suggestions: Obviously, you know volunteering is good. The thing about volunteering is that it usually gives you an opportunity to meet people not like you–mostly senior citizens but they give the best advice! If you feel any affinity towards your alma mater, your job, or are just feeling lonely, it could be a good idea to reach out to groups specially designed to be inclusive and you’re automatically accepted into!

Just like meetup groups, associations exist for many niche groups, plus many have the added benefit of helping you advance your career.

For those who have never experienced divorce, it can be a word that drums up fear or perhaps judgment.

For Christians who have considered or have walked through divorce, it can be a word that carries the weight of crushed hopes and dreams for the life they never thought would end up the way it did.

Taking some time to reflect on what and how you became you will help you become a better version of you.1. Some people actually have more difficulty with the small stuff, like saying where you’d like to go on a date, or that you don’t like sushi, or that you’d rather scratch your eye balls out than watch another (insert least favorite sporting event or genre of movie).

Sorry about the graphic nature of that last one, but hopefully you are catching my drift.2.

The first date is where the fun really begins, but even for the most confident amongst us, meeting someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking.

Our first date survival guide is designed to help to put you at ease before and during your date, so you can rest assured it will be enjoyable, and perhaps the first of many more to come.

Think about what messages you received on what was okay/not okay to talk about, did others’ needs take precedence over yours, was your voice (thoughts and feelings) heard, etc.? Many of you are probably thinking, “What does my past have to do with the present?

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