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Joseph Farrell to analyze the strange history and peculiar recent happenings around the mysterious icy wilderness of Antarctica.

The last year has seen many high level figures visiting there as Farrell has written about extensively.

Bachman pointed out he was able to keep a good eye on the puck most of the night, while Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle lamented the lack of follow-up opportunities or screens in front.

Canadian Alphonso Davies is a budding young star for the Vancouver Whitecaps who is not only drawing rave reviews across Major League Soccer, he’s also garnering interest from some of the biggest clubs in England’s Premier League. Here’s a closer look at the talented teenager: Davies was a member of the Canadian youth program dating back to 2014, playing for Canada’s under-17 and under-20 teams.

Read more The celestial phenomenon known as Mercury retrograde has become something of a scapegoat for everything from the minor annoyances to the catastrophic, Murphy’s-law-level screw ups we traverse on a daily basis. Many places are having end-of-summer sales, but even if they’re not, it’s still the perfect time to pick up your favorite suit for the month — and next year.

So here, take a look at some stylish plus size bikinis still available.

Aubrey Plaza stars as Ingrid, a mentally unstable millennial whose mother recently died.

After a stint in an institution, she finds she’s inherited enough money to move to the West Coast and remake herself in the image of Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), an Instagram tastemaker who’s basically Coachella personified. Read more Much like any embarrassing teenage memory, a 10-minute-long animation made by Disney in 1946 titled "The Story of Menstruation" has resurfaced on the internet.Together they focus on the intensely dangerous moves towards Transhumanist control that the Global Empire is making to attempt to fight the forces of populism exploding around the world. — An unlikely performance from journeyman goalie Richard Bachman has the Vancouver Canucks thinking about a playoff push that seemed farfetched just a few days ago.If you were looking for the innovative edge of journalism, you've found it!In this fascinating Part 1 episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr.However, Ghana-born forward wasn’t eligible to play for Canada at senior level, as he was not a Canadian citizen — he just had permanent resident status.

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