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By Jodi Helmer Hope dated several men after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder II in 2004, but none of the relationships lasted long enough to make her mental health an issue.When Hope, 45, developed feelings for a local restaurateur in 2009, she knew she would have to talk to him about her diagnosis before things got serious.If you don't really want to end up with this kind of woman, you need to explore your own issues and learn how to find a less attractive more boring woman will will adore you for the rest of your life.

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We Spend A Lot Of Time In Our Heads You will never know how much time we spend overthinking about something you said at dinner last Tuesday. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t speak freely.

We’ve been through all that therapy, and we’ve spent more than one session learning how to regulate our emotions.

I dont know how to approach this situation so I can get what I want. After foolin around she will either let me spoon her or cuddle to me, but other times she says "I dont want to be touched"..

and were not talkin down there like I wanna go again, she is saying AT ALL..

And, I did not get married to become someone;s slave, . I;ve only been dating her for a little over a month, so this is .. As a woman with BPD I can tell you that I am a fantastic . Having an affair with this married man can be a path to heartache.

I married a woman who had been married before, but who had been .Personality disorders are a unique category in the world of mental illness.While someone with depression or anxiety may feel that they are experiencing symptoms that are different from their normal state, people with personality disorders often fail to realize that their emotions and reactions depart from the typical human experience.Dealing with borderline personality disorder requires skills for deescalating crises and fostering independence in your loved one.With the right tools and community strategies, it is possible to help your loved one towards recovery.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

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