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," first time cast members called "Fresh Meat," and relatives of these members, compete against each other for the chance to win a cash prize.

So there I am, fragging on a game server for a game that's nearly as old as this show.

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Episodes have been filmed throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea to name just a few.

The Bachelor (season 12) (also known as The Bachelor: London Calling) is the twelfth season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The show features British bachelor, Matt Grant and making the first bachelor outside of North America, counting 25 women from the United States.

As the show is designed, the series revolves around a single bachelor (deemed eligible) who starts with a pool of romantic interests (typically 25) from whom the bachelor is expected to select a wife.

During the course of the season, the bachelor eliminates candidates (see The elimination process), with the bachelor proposing marriage to his final selection.

They welcomed their first child together, son Samuel Thomas, in July 2016.

BROKE UP just before Thanksgiving 2011, one year and three months after the finale aired.

Ladies, if you REALLY WANT A MAN, there's is someone out there.

He may be an ex con, a pervert, both, homeless, fat, bald, big nosed, unemployed, on food-stamps, part of some biker gang, drug cartel, still in college, living with his folks, but he is out there.

As of October 10, 2008, the home was listed for sale at a price of US.75 million.

The final third of the episodes within a season are filmed traveling the world.

Maynard is now married and expecting, while Holm appears to be single.

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