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Thanks My windows 7 brand new laptop will not load windows AT ALL after the recent AVG update. I would appreciate someone telling me how to fix it or replace my brand new computer.I have tried system restore, which wont work, I've ran windows start up recovery which says to unplug any media (there is none plugged in), I've tried disabling all media drivers which didn't work, I've tried checking the hard disk and it just runs for days without doing anything. Compaq 515Hello foxyroche, Please follow this How-To article from AVG Free Forums:

sec=thread&act=show&id=94159Then please provide us with more details about error message during laptop startup and if other protection applications (or firewall), and which ones, are you using? HP Graphics Hello HP Graphics / Herbert, Could I ask you if you have followed my previous CNET post about: I would like to ask you, if you have performed the memory modules tests as requested in our emails?

Thank you I had purchased AVG 9.0 for a 2 year period and after a few month it stopped working and interfered with other programs. As still reoccurring different issues point very probably to some hardware failures.

This company have been offering products that do not work.

For example, while running AVG, a popup appeared stating that my drivers were out of date, 9 were downloaded and it crashed the computer.

I recently upgraded our AVG antivirus network security to 8.5 on all machines, set everything up per the instructions (and actually removed and reinstalled everything), and I have confirmed that scans are running per the schedule set up via AVG Admin Console, and it downloads updates and the clients grab updates from it okay, and it shows the correct version of the virus db and program.

However, scan results will not show up in the scan results screen of AVG Admin Console. I don't have an answer other than to say that the AVG client sometimes fails to write scan results to the central database.

Since AVG technicians could not fix it on a permanent basis. From AVG Free Forum:- How To Perform The Memory Test (Memtest)

I've removed it a few month ago and ever since had no problems. sec=thread&act=show&id=85161- How To Run Hard Drive Check

In the case of the network mentioned above the server scanlogs aren't in the database even though the log files are present and the scan takes a couple of hours so it's obviously not bombing out. I'll have to look into this, but it may be that the scan results are only getting written to the database if someone is logged in.

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