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Aries, a fire sign with enormous source of energy and self-motivation.

An Aries - Aries relation is not a match made in heaven.

As both of them are fire signs, and with domineering nature, for a long lasting relationship great sacrifice from both parts is unavoidable.

It will be a fierce competition to be the 'numero uno'.

Beginning of their life together will be with full of smiles and happiness, but as the days proceed dilemma will turn out, an after effect of Fire vs. Aries people are always career oriented that they give prominence to their job and will like to be independent.

If he stops calling you, get on with your life and let word get out that you are moving forward. That will earn her respect which is half the battle.

As the relationship progresses, she’ll appreciate your macho side, but in the beginning do your best to shield her from your cowboy lifestyle.It is the art of navigating around one another’s battlelines (which Aries never do manage to make look like an art) that pivots the success of this couple.Aries Woman is prone to let even idle strangers know she is hurt by misconceptions about her.Where does either Ram learn to give when both always take? Reaching past the initial stages to real trust and compromise is three quarters of the battle for Aries-Aries couples.The Rams – as the first sign of the astrological year – are one of the most popular and notorious for their attention-grabbing in modern times, so we already know where we’re headed when we pair Aries Woman and Aries Man together.But these two love to tangle and then ride off in different directions to exercise their independence.

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