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None of these temporary efforts had achieved high enough accuracy to satisfy navigators or astronomers, however, and on October 20, 1820 the ‘King’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council’ authorized the ‘…

Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to cause an observatory to be erected at the Cape of Good Hope …’, thus establishing the first permanent modern observatory in Africa.

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They look exactly like the characteristic profiles depicted in the San rock paintings.

They store fat in their buttocks - a natural adaptation to their precarious existence in a harsh environment.

As its head the Admiralty chose a brilliant young Cambridge mathematician, astronomer and clergyman who had studied books on mathematics while working at his father’s loom. When the Reverend Fearon Fallows arrived at the Cape, he found himself landed in the wrong place (Simon’s Town) and with no way of getting his cargo of astronomical instruments to Cape Town except by putting them on another ship at his own expense.

In Cape Town the British authorities not only refused all payment of ‘one penny’ of Fallows’ expenses on land or sea, but refused to give the observatory instruments any storage space.

Easy readability can enhance church worship and participation, and personal Bible study.

It also encourages children and youth to discover the Bible for themselves, perhaps for the very first time.

He also estimated (from observations of Jupiter’s moons) that Cape Town was nearly 300 km west of its position on his maps of the Earth.

The most notable early visiting astronomer at the Cape was Nicholas de la Caille, who spent two years (1751-53) charting the positions of almost 9 766 stars and measuring the shape of the Earth.

Yet Alex, who agreed to an interview if his last name was not printed, is one of the luckier ones targeted by the Missouri Incarceration Reimbursement Act, a prison cost-saving program dating to 1988.

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