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Any high-profile wedding comes with a fair amount of attention, but the stares the Smiths endured after their widely publicized nuptials were indicative of a larger issue beyond harmless curiosity.“One of my biggest goals throughout our marriage was to do what I could to help prevent lose-lose situations for Guy,” Smith said in an email to NBCBLK.

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And now they've got their own reality show: VH1's in-the-works story, mother and daughter Julie and Samantha Bilinkas have matching t-shirts, catchphrases, and workout routines. (And yes -- I do mean trap.) We have come to believe that treating children as adults has benefits.

At 50 and 19, respectively, they're such good friends -- and so physically similar -- that they're often mistaken for girlfriends, both in the friendly and the romantic sense. Let's put aside the more commonly-asked question these days -- that is, should you be Facebook friends with your children -- and get down to a much more basic quandary: Can you be real life friends with them? There's the sense that befriending our children -- and especially our daughters -- will cause them to behave better, rebel less.

Jim was accused of being the person who authenticated the fake signatures, but he was never charged.

The source says, “Jim was afraid that Tamra would talk about it on the show, potentially exposing him.” These allegations were in 1999 and Jim has said he “was neither tried nor convicted of any crime because I never would knowingly buy or sell an illegitimate or forged autograph.” His company did end up closing.

In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five best pieces of advice she’d like to offer incoming freshmen as they pack up for their first year of college. Michael Mc Lean, President of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula , California, discusses the Catholic foundation that has shaped his school’s remarkable success, consistently ranked high among such organizations as The Princeton Review, U.

Mc Lean continue their conversation about Thomas Aquinas College and its student life, listeners are invited to call in with their comments and questions.

) and wished -- at least a little bit -- that we, too, could be just like Lorelai and Rory?

Exchanging witty banter, enjoying each other's company for days on end, chatting on the phone three times an hour? These days -- much more so than when I was growing up -- many moms and daughters do.

She made the conscious decision to not look people in the eye when they stared at her or her husband to avoid, “confrontations where his choice was to be humiliated and back away or stand his ground and risk a fight.” Fortunately, views on interracial marriage have evolved since Smith’s marriage in 1967 when, according to the Pew Research Center, only 3 percent of newlyweds were interracial. But it’s the details behind the data that crystallize where America really stands on the issue.

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