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So, goodbye, paper charts; hello, electronic medical record-keeping. But an explosion of technology has broadened the scope of what we can do with telemedicine.

Digital devices are also replacing the old standbys used to check things like blood sugar in people with diabetes, and can perform many other health-related tasks. Telemedicine isn't meant to replace traditional health care, but to supplement it. Critics of telemedicine worry that there will be a breakdown of continuity of care meaning that families will stop seeing their regular doctors if the doctors don't provide virtual visits, and opt for whoever is available.

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BET: Uncut was a television program that aired on BET from 2001 until 2006.

____________ Aaptiv is a fitness app that gives you Answering listener questions about diet, Cross Fit vs Orange Theory, pet peeves, photography tips and all sorts of other questions! ____________ Aaptiv is a fitness app that gives you custom workouts with the voice of an elite trainer and [Todays podcast is super random.

____________ Aaptiv is a fitness app that gives you custom workouts with the voice of an elite trainer and an amazing pla Today I’m talking with the amazing Liz Wolfe about her life on the farm, being a first-time mother and growing a business in the internet space. My intent was to remind you that social media should not change how you feel about yourself or your life.

Technology is woven into the fabric of their lives — and their health care isn't far behind.

Advances in technology are making health care delivery more efficient. Back then, doctors used radio signals to reach patients in remote areas of the world who didn't have access to care.

Silvia Spiva, Dev Net’s Community Manager, and one of our Social Media whisperers, will be stopping the Cloud Collaboration and Data Center Infrastructure events to chat with the presenters and participants about what programmability means to them.

Find out how your peers are leveraging APIs to make their day to day lives easier and get ideas for your own toolbox.

If you’re not familiar with Dev Net Express, it’s a partnership program between #Dev Net and #Cisco SE, where we box up and bring the Dev Net Zone experience of into your own backyard for one, two or three days of hands-on exploration of Cisco technology.

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