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This confused me a bit because most lawyers have clients so there is a certain amount of working with people necessary even if one specialises in contracts but whatever.

Transferred use of an Irish place-name belonging to a hill in central Ireland, which was an ancient seat of kingship.

Tara (hill) was used by Margaret Mitchell for the name of a plantation in her epic Gone With the Wind, resulting in the use of it as a female given name From My name is Tara and i love it because i have only met a few people named Tara also. I do get a lot of confusing about pronouncing and spelling it but thats ok.

My name is Tara, and though I live in America, I have always pronounced it Tah-rah.

I've always gone by Tah-rah, but I don't have a real preference.

Evan is not guilty of course; the whole thing is merely the method of getting Emma and Evan into the same room and for him to annoy her – whereby she gets angry and he then realises she has heat and passion under her buttoned-up exterior. A few weeks after they first meet, Evan asks Emma to be his lawyer and publicist – she will still be paid by Knight and Payne but he will be her only client (Emma has no experience in publicity or copyright or entertainment law either but hey, details! What’s not immediately clear is that Evan is about to go on a three-month tour of the US and Emma, to do her job (? She negotiates this down to 30 days but because he dangles the carrot of Midge getting Emma her dream job with a firm of her choice, she agrees.

Emma brings her Newfoundland puppy, Sirius, on tour with her but leaves her Maine Coon cat at home with her dad because Evan is highly allergic. ) Evan does need a lawyer (although not a full-time, on-site lawyer) but the main reason he wants to go on tour with him is because he has the hots for her and wants to see where things go.

Emma Peterson is a newly-minted lawyer at Knight & Payne, where her father is a partner.

The only remaining name partner is Midge Payne – something of a legend in the legal fraternity.

This week is a bit odd, to be honest, since we’re at the semi-finals and Sass Jordan is providing our tutelage.

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