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So please, don’t be so quick to retire your fantasies.

Those pornos about two hot flight attendants going at it with each other in the first class bathroom? Same thing with Britney Spears’ Toxic music video—that dude getting rubbed down in the bathroom could totally be you one day.“Long-haul flights, and relatively empty ones are best,” said one flight attendant in the survey.

The player has to go to this location and listen to the rest.

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Anywho, several of my friends encouraged me to send Jack some of my pictures for this project.

I love rejection just about as much as I love failure.

Scott Disick appears to have just confirmed his children’s mother Kourtney Kardashian had sex with Justin Bieber.

The rich reality star made a suggestive joke about 22-year-old pop star during a funny card game, shown on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Back in late April-ish, my Facebook wall was bombarded by several of my loved ones who posted a call for HIV-positive models to participate in a new project that Jack Mackenroth, the HIV positive gay man of Project Runway fame and with a boogina that makes me think of sin and putting on a bib. ummm, 1) I am not a model; 2) You are asking me to send half naked pictures, sober, not on a sex site, with the possibility that I could end up half naked on a website for the entire world to see; and 3) Do you EVEN know me?

He was looking for HIV positive models, and my first response to my friends was ...

Booty Calls occur in The Ballad of Gay Tony after the player impress a girl at Maisonette 9 by dancing with her, if the dancing mini-game doesn't take the player to the Bus Stop mini-game, Luis and the girl will have sex in one of the stalls of the women's bathroom.

Afterwards, she will give him her number and tell him to call her.

Show me a poz man who hasn't experienced at at least half a dozen instances of shocking and hurtful ignorance when disclosing his status, and I will show you the magical leprechaun that I keep chained in my pantry making Lucky Charms whenever I have a hankering. while I have a healthy and sometimes overly healthy ego, the one place that breaks down is around my body, but ... I thought, "what the hell," and I sent the pictures along.

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