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The second picture is of a slightly different area of the hills, and in closer zoom.It includes a weird "translucent jelly-like UFO" which appears to have three dots inside it.Although the code is aimed at employers, if you are thinking about making an equal pay claim, it would be useful for you to read it.

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Some UFO chasers claim that UFOs can be organic living entities themselves which travel through portals without the need for spacecrafts.

Speaking about an earlier "jellyfish UFO" picture sent to MUFON, blogger Scott C waring said: "They are less common than the flying disks that are often seen, but still many have argued that they are not ships, but living, intelligent beings."If that's true, then they probably can travel though space without the need of a spacecraft.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been sent the pictures of a strange beam of light from the sky and an bizarre looking UFO that were taken within moments of each other.

The unnamed photographer said they witnessed nothing unusual at the time, but saw the strange anomalies when later reviewing the images.

The Equality Act 2010 gives women (and men) a right to ‘equal pay for equal work’.

The provisions relating to equal pay are known as ‘the equality of terms’ provisions and are also set out in the .

The page is written for women wanting to bring a claim, but employers faced with a claim may also find it useful.

And of course, men as well as women are entitled to equal pay for equal work, so if you are a man wanting to claim equal pay with a woman, then this page is for you too.

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