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The poisoned bait, developed by Bell Laboratories in the United States, is contained in light blue cubes that attract rats but are repulsive to other inhabitants of the islands.

The one-centimetre-square cubes disintegrate in a week or so.

I have, fo farre as by private inqui- fition I could : but then fhall I think my felf fully fatisfied, if af- ter the publication of what I have done to that end, I fballfind it fa- tisfadlory unto others alfo,that can judge of thefe things, and are not engaged ; as well as unto my felf. reader,that lovcth truth more then appearances, though he do not ac- knowledge himfelf fatisfied with what I have written ; can have juft caufc neverthelel Te, to repent that this occafion hath been given him by me, to fatisfie himfelf more fully. He may deceive himfelf • he may be decei- ved by otbers • if he be not armed againft k, Trofunone nub em, to embrace a Cloud,or a Fogge for a Deitie ^ it is done by many, but it is a foul miftake: let him take heed of it. All make o*d««dt^/AOK,di' fine infpiration;to be the chief and principal.

-\ - ' ^ - "s* ^ A "^ I TREATISE I I CONCERNING | t E^Tn VSl ASME.l I As It is an Effcdl of ,? «re:but§ ^ is miftaken by many for either 2)i- ^ ^ Vine hifpirationfit Vkbolkal ^ojfefsion. be more concerned j- ("whereof I have given an account to my friends : 3 having offered k felf fome moneths ago, becaufe no- thing elfe did then offer it felf, that I thought more needfuil • I thank God, I have fatisfied my felf. Of the taufes of Divination many Ancients have Wflc- till very largely and varioufly .

^ Th^ confeq Hence of this kr/ow ledge or J).[qmjition. will produce a place o^Fltit Arch cothis iurpofe : not only becaule it eonteineth much in few wo Bds; But alfo becaufe in all editions of P/»^^rfl of later ycaresj ycares ; it is corruptly exhibited, and marvel oufly both by the French dindt-atin interpreters miftakcn, who hard- ly make lenfe of thofe which chey have, and leave out patc o^ Plutarch's '^oxds znd knk, p Uto(Jxiih p| , », j Flmarch ) andthe Stoicks hrmg in (or af- p Uc Llhil J. and others ; Lmlan hatli a i ^O fj^ vas himfclf relateth^^hat it was but mere Couzenage and Impoflure, he madeno fcruple to make o- pen recantation, and wrote againftit very learnedly.

Politickjpre^ tenjions to Enchufialme, or D'^vme Infiltration^ very ufuat in all jig(s : But miflal^ny through tgnor Ance of natter at caafe Siiour only Subject and aime tn thts Treat ife) as more frequent, fo more danger ous- Enthufiajlick^times and tern- pers noted by ancient Authors » in thoje times the Eleuiinia^ Bacchanalias and other Myfieries hatched* The abomi" yiation ofthofe /yfyjferieso t hough pretending to great holi'^ nejje andfteiy. neg ID^mon M infiin Bf* imfuljiive , fed vi morhi , hum Q- rumfl Pie ferocia, &c. And that thefe extraordinary operations do rather proceed from the Devil, to me is a great argument, ( befides other rea*- Tons,) becaufe the very lelf-fame things ar^ known to hap- pen to divers that arc immediately poflefi without any bodily diftemperj other then the very poffeflfton, which tnuft needs a|fe6t the body more or lefle. Georr gtfii Ragufeim is the man: whole words in his fecond book Vi Divinatione, Epift. Dff Orac Hli Sy are ; Nom ego Venettu fau^erem ^uandum mplteremy^Q* that is, / havi knff T^n at Venice a certain poor mman, phkb was fofefl ' fometimes fjhe vpoh U be fitifidmdfytti(l) -, fame- times [he didffeak^ with divers tong He St anddifcourfe of things helongingtothe Mathematicks^ and Fhilofoph),jfea 1 4^4 to Dtvtmty .

The invention of convey mg fecreti thoughts at dny diftance^ whether of place or of time, by) wrtting^. {fime ^uefiton about the Author ; ) V the e^e Vts o J^kkx bllis or melancholy, a^robable ground, offoms mmrall divinati^ en* But after [ome general gromds andpofojittons^ the continual d-mppoi Aty or emanations of hodiesj according to Ariftotle and others, and the parturnions of caufesy ( or foregoing natural fignes offira^ge events and alter at ions i ) dijcernable to [ome tempers, as alfo the concatenation of 7Jatural Castf€s^ according to the Sioxcks, a more probable ground. Contemplation ; Saafi A ' the happineffe of Gody ( and thei^e the Greek^word,) according to Ariftotle .• The chief- efipleafure of man in this life, according to divers of the Epiclirean Se B;, \MCit(\k'i the Post, for they faid, &c* vindicated from a wrong and offenfive in^ terpr station, Ecftafis tahsn for a totall fnfpmfionof all A 3 fenfitive The Gontents. If a man examine all thofe wayes of enthufiaftick Divination that have been heretofore in ufe, which were not a few in number, and inmanycir- cumftances very different ; he may obferve in fome of the chiefeft , a ipanifeft concurrence of (bme natural caulcs preparing or difpofing the bodies for fuch imprefiions and operations ; if no more.

how admirable a thing* Their opinion that fetch Divination from the nature of the Incellecius ogcns, in e- very^ The Contents. The Divmat ton of dying men, A notable obfer- vation of Arctaeus, an a7cient Greek Phy/ician, to this purpofe* Enthtiflafme by vaj^ projpe^s, and other natural objetls, " ^m CHAP. fenfitive power Si the effe El fometmes of C^^t^^f^^^^eny mdearnesl intention of the mind,, Snthnfaflicf^ T)el%^ fens incidental to natural bodily diflemfers, proved hj many exttrnptesi ioth old ( out of Tertu II'ian, ^c, ) and late ; one very late^ in Suf Tex. I would infift in fome particulars, but that I would not be too long upon this point, as of leaft confideration to our main fc Qpe and argument.

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Ancient Theoiogues and Poecs, pretend" ing to Divine [nfpiration^ the authors and abettors of Jdo-^ latry, Herefies arnong Chrirtians through pretended infpiratians.- Mahomeat'me. The dtvifion of Snthufiafme ac^ cording to Plato and Plutarch, Plutarch's Definition: %vbav whether ^^J ftich fr&m l^dtural Causes, Bpit firfi of all^ whether any fuch among Heathens anciently ^ truly and really . \ And he doth endeavour to give fome reafon from the aature of the Soul, &c. Befides what feathbeen obferycd oiit of ancient Fathers, as 5, Jerome and 30 A Treapifi Chap. / do not write here what / have heard ' froj^ others^ but my felf have dijputedwith her morethe^ mce. Hp VKeyer, though we do not adfcribe fuch wonderfull (^fefts to Jiature;yet it is fomewhat,that bcft Phyficians ac- knowledge Chap.

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