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" I love Miranda to bits and I still see her a lot; she lives 20 minutes from me and I go to her house on a Saturday night most weeks and we watch telly together.

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Oliver then went to Hollywood, where she appeared in the November 14, 1957, episode of Climax!

, one of the few live drama series based on the West Coast, as well as in a number of filmed shows, including one of the first episodes of NBC's Wagon Train, Father Knows Best, The Americans, and Johnny Staccato.

She's a cackler who loves nothing more than a bit of mischief.

And her usual partner in crime is her Call The Midwife co-star Miranda Hart.

There may be nearly 40 years between them but even though Miranda - who plays midwife Chummy opposite Judy's Sister Monica Joan - sits out this current season they remain close friends.

'Not long ago I went to lunch at Miranda's house and I was given a lift there by two of her friends.These two media are the most effective as images of cute babies appeal to all but the most hard hearted of us.Radio is of course not as effective because images are crucial to the sale of diapers.North American media and popular culture is saturated in images, text and folk wisdom on the inevitability of diapering babies.There really is little debate about the need for, and normalcy, of diapering babies, toddlers and small children.As soon as she opened the front door we burst out laughing.

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