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Once you have entered your bank account information, Smart Housing will make two (2) small deposits into your bank account.

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Once you have these two (2) amounts return to the "accounts" page on Smart Housing and click the "verify" link beside the account you wish to verify.

You will then be prompted to enter the two (2) amounts.

Once on the "Accounts" click on the "Add Bank Account" button.

You will need your (9-digits); this can be found on the bottom of a check, or by contacting your financial institution.But you need them to help establish a credit history, which is essential for doing things like renting an apartment, buying a car, or sometimes even landing a job. Building your credit history via a credit card can be an effective way to help your credit score.Understanding how credit cards work can make or break your financial future., walks us through the basics of interest rates, late payments, credit scores, and everything else you need to know about how credit cards affect your life. Think about it: Who are you more likely to trust — your best friend from elementary school or a stranger you just met on the street? I am avid Affinity Plus online banking user and frequently check my account using the mobile app.It's super slick to have access to view, transfer, and manage my account on the go.And, since I love everything electronic, I rarely carry cash.

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