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In glaucoma, this fluid does not drain properly and results in increased pressure.

In turn, this pressure damages and deteriorates the nerve that transmits images to the brain.

Norman Bates and his mom were just really, really close, okay? So I kind of had to brace myself before reading it. Every film he referenced I had no idea what he was talking about, and so it was out of embarrassment that I did that.

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For the next five years, she sent JJ cards and packages on his birthday and bought Christmas ornaments for him.

Her parents and closest friends would even send Tisha acknowledgements on Mother’s Day. He had transformed Tisha into a mother and introduced her to a depth and capacity to love that she had, up until then, only been on the receiving end of.

As an educator at both the K-12 and college level, I have been trying to find a variety of ways to instill digital citizenship in students.

In November 2013, I wanted to create a teachable moment for my undergraduate students on the permanency of their decisions made online, as well as the consequences of an unintended audience.Mother’s Day can be a day filled with longing for so many.We long for the dead, healthier times, the ones we have broken relationships with, or children we don’t know or who no longer call, some of us long to become mothers, and all of us long to be seen, known and loved. Earlier this year, I was privileged to perform a ceremony in the misty woods of Union, Washington, to reunite a young man with his birth mother and her family.The effects of glaucoma range from slight vision loss to total blindness.Although glaucoma treatment cannot restore lost vision, it can help prevent additional vision loss from occurring. [Laughs.] There was actually so much more that we shot, and the scene originally just went on and on. But, yeah, it’s that black comedy that you shouldn’t be laughing at but you can’t help it because it’s funny. And it’s so cold and so rainy, and I love Vancouver, but this site is pretty tenacious. Taissa is returning to American Horror Story next season. I think it’s a different kind of psychological terror just by the very fact that we’re grounded in reality and American Horror Story deals more with the afterlife and the spirit realm and negative mysticism. You said you did an exhaustive Hitchcock marathon a decade ago. I have a flimsy film history and it must have been …

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