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The women are standing on a small (a small street) just off Geylang Road, the area’s primary vein that carries a steady, one-way stream of empty taxis that never seem to stop anywhere. ” while others are more aggressive, grabbing men’s arms and pulling them closer to exchange a few murmured words. She takes the young client by the hand, leading him across the street and up some dimly-lit stairs.They hang around and talk and wait, occasionally pushing up their breasts or touching up their makeup, until a group of men walks by. Ten minutes later, she re-emerges to pull her water bottle out of the fence, swishes whatever is inside around her mouth, and spits onto the grass. On the opposite street corner, a middle-aged Chinese man wearing glasses and a pink polo shirt sits at a café table.

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This site shows all the signs of being a temporary base; boxes of take-out food sit at the feet of several cheap-looking plastic yard chairs that face the small street.

Behind is a tall chain link fence with three purses hanging off and several plastic water bottles stuck through its gaps.

What is perhaps most reflective of the system in which these women operate is the sign that reads “POLICE CAMERA IN ACTION” that looms over the entire scene.

Prostitution itself is legal in Singapore, but its related activities are not.

As understanding of the underlying pathophysiology and molecular biology of these lesions advances, the ability to classify, characterize, and treat them will hopefully also improve.

Chemodectoma is another term occasionally used to describe this tumor.

Glomus tumors originate in the paraganglia, which exist throughout the temporal bone, including on the jugular dome, the promontory of the middle ear, and along the Jacobson and Arnold nerves.

This anatomy accounts for the predilection of glomus tumors toward these anatomic sites. Glomus tumors involving the temporal bone are classified according to their anatomic location and size.

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It is just past midnight and the area is just beginning to wake up.

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