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The Israeli government announced with little fanfare Sunday that it was scrapping a compromise agreement that would have created an area for women and men to pray together along the Wall, one of Judaism's most holy sites.

Prayers have historically been segregated; a small area of the Wall is reserved for women.

“There has been a lack of information about this topic because of a desire among those who study the Holocaust not to hurt the dignity of the victims,” says Greif, who was a consultant to the film.

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“But who decides what is permitted and what is not?

” Professor Gideon Greif, chief historian at Shem Olam: The Holocaust & Faith Institute for Education and Research and an expert on Auschwitz, concurs that indeed, there has been a tendency among Holocaust scholars not to touch upon the subject of sexual abuse of children.

For the first time, Holocaust survivors who were raped or sexually abused as children and teens in the ghettos and concentration and labor camps speak on camera about what happened to them and how this sexual violence has scarred their lives over the 70 years since the war ended.

These individuals kept the sexual abuse they experienced a secret from everyone, including their spouses, children and grandchildren—who will learn for the first time about what happened to their loved ones from this film.

The mother of a teenage girl beat and kicked her daughter while shouting anti-gay slurs after finding a love letter she had exchanged with another girl.

A man pulled a gun on a 23-year-old Detroit man while yelling homophobic insults and recorded the incident with his cell phone camera, which he later posted on his Twitter feed.

Shira Tarrant, Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at California State University, Long Beach is a nationally recognized expert on issues of gender politics and popular culture.

She is currently working on her fifth book, Metaphorically speaking, young people are swimming in media.

Ronnie Sarnat devoted six years to producing “Screaming Silence.” She was determined to deal with a difficult subject that others have refused to research and speak about.

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